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European Youth Card: what’s the point?

Are you between 12 and 30 years old? Then the European Youth Card is for you!*

As a holder of the European Youth Card, you can take advantage of all the benefits in Luxembourg, but also in 30 countries.

Do you want to buy a new cell phone? With your Youth Card, Tango offers you a €50 discount (see conditions on our site). You can also take advantage of benefits in restaurants, in sports, in culture, etc. With your Youth Card, you can also benefit from “Europ-Assistance” travel insurance valid throughout the world.

To take advantage of it, it’s very simple: you have to be a card holder and a resident of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

More information on the official website.

Do you have questions about your rights as a young consumer in Europe? Contact us for free.

*An offer from the Agence Nationale pour l’Information des Jeunes.