Mobile phone tariffs are subject to EU regulation and national telecom operators bear an obligation to comply to that effect.

EU legislation duly eliminated roaming tariffs in 2017. For these reasons, one´s mobile calls, texts and data, cost the same in all  EU Member State (MS), Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein as they do in Luxembourg. Initially these rules only applied until 30 June 2022 but they have now been extended until 30 June 2032.

However, before travelling abroad, we recommend you check your operator’s specific terms. Some providers apply a “policy of reasonable use”, which means that above certain limits of usage, charges apply despite the roaming regulation.

Good to know: Your calls from Luxembourg to another country and the use of your device in a country outside the EU are not affected by the roaming regulation and are subject to international tariff. For example, since Brexit the roaming regulation no longer applies to the United Kingdom.


Your contract or prepaid card defines your call credit, number of texts and roaming volume. This also applies abroad, unless your provider indicates otherwise.


Your provider has overcharged you? Send a written complaint as soon as possible.

In the absence of a reply or if the reply provided does not lead to amicable solution, you can submit your complaint to the ILR (Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation) or to the European Consumer Centre Luxembourg.

Premium SMS

Premium-rate SMS are used to buy or subscribe to various services or digital content. The fees are directly added to your mobile bill. If you buy digital content, you send a keyword to a 5-digit short code and, in return, the supplier delivers the content. You can also subscribe to a membership after sending “OK” to a short code.

How to terminate a Premium SMS subscription

If you are aware of the subscription, you can in principle terminate it by sending "STOP" to the relevant short number or by contacting the service provider in writing.

In Luxembourg, there is also the website where you can log in with your telephone number to receive a list of current premium subscriptions and easily terminate them.