Dating websites

Many consumers use online dating websites and enter into contracts with providers without knowing that they are entering into a paid subscription. In some instances, consumers may be aware that they are signing a paid contract, but not that it is subject to automatic renewal.

For these reasons, keep the following things in mind before registering yourself on a website.

Is it free ?

Generally, only basic access to dating websites is free. As soon as you want to exchange messages with a potential partner however, you may be requested to use paid services.

Attention: terms and conditions

Any outstanding terms and conditions of a subscription are listed in the section entitled as its name implies. It is strongly advised to read them. They are usually accessible via a link at the bottom of the website. Among other things, you will find information on how to terminate a contract.

Attention: Automatic contract renewal

If you do make use of paid services, you are strongly advised to read the information on each additional option you have selected, especially if the information concerns the price, the duration and any automatic contract renewal. In fact, subscriptions on dating platforms are often automatically renewed after the expiration of the original contract period, as in the case of mobile phone or insurance contracts, for example. If an automatic extension of the contract is not desired, one should inform oneself in advance about applicable cancellation periods and conditions.

Right of cancellation ?

As a rule, a contract concluded online can be revoked within 14 days following the conclusion thereof, without having to give any reasons. This means that one has 14 days to decide whether or not one wishes to be bound by a given contract. This revocation period therefore equally applies when registering on a dating website. However, one must bear in mind that if one has already started to use provided services, one will solely receive a partial refund.

Attention: Fake profiles

Do not be fooled! Unfortunately, many fake profiles circulate on dating sites. If one accepts conversation invitations from such profiles, there is a risk of possibly getting confronted with requests for financial assistance. Such requests should duly be ignored. In such cases, it might equally be difficult to hold the website operator liable for any money lost.