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Door to door selling

A professional sales representative can visit the home of a consumer and offer goods or services that have not been sollicited by the consumer.

In the event of a doorstep sale (also hawking/peddling), the consumer is granted certain rights which protect them from abuse, namely:

However, the consumer can display their refusal of doorstep selling in their home by placing a sticker or any other distinctive sign:

  • on their front door or next to it; or
  • at the entrance to their apartment; or
  • at the main entrance to the apartment building, e.g. on the doorbell or postbox.

The consumer can choose type and wording of the refusal. The refusal must be clearly stated, e.g.: “Colportage Nee merci”, “Pas de colportage”, “Non au porte à porte”, “Colporteurs et démarcheurs interdits d’accès”, “Keine Haustürgeschäfte”, etc. (Doorsteep selling – no thank you…).

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